By 2020 the IoT network will exceed 29 billion connected devices that will produce a huge amount of unstructured raw data. In order to make this data meaningful and to yield valuable insights that will create value, this data needs to be smartly harnessed and sophisticatedly analyzed in real time.

Novo technologies leverages the potential of IoT by developing innovative data-driven solutions to enable and promote significant economic value and tremendous social change. Our solutions integrate intelligent data harvesting systems with strong real-time analytics platforms to gain actionable insights, enable informed decision making and optimize operations.

IoT for Traffic

IoT solution for utilizing traffic data in the most productive way

The IoT plays a significant role in the traffic domain. The huge amount of collected data from various sources such as traffic surveillance systems, road sensors, passengers mobile devices, vehicles’ GPS, and more, needs to be analyzed in order to create a clear view of traffic flow and optimize traffic operations and transportation methods.

Novo Technologies IoT solutions for traffic create applications that utilize traffic data in the most productive ways, and provide actionable insights across the traffic and transportation network. We offer real-time analysis of traffic behavior and events, consolidation of traffic data coming from different sources, monitoring traffic operations and incidents, and enable better-informed operational decision making, to ensure smooth traffic flow, safer roads, less congestion and smart management of resources.

Mass Trend Analysis

Analyzing demographic trends, population movement and crowd behavior

As the world becomes more and more interconnected, where analyzed mass knowledge and crowd behavior can provide pinpointed valuable information for private companies and government entities, the prediction and identification of crowd trends are a key measure for successful responses and qualitative insights.

Novo Technologies develops Mass Trends Analytics Platforms that enable decision makers foresee trends, predict potential results, design plans and improve their operations by using accurate reflection and visualization of reality that is based on real-time analysis of demographic trends, population movement and crowd behavior.

We offer an instant and extremely accurate population estimations and accumulative information analytics. It provides valuable and real-time insights, opening up a new vista of applications and uses such as: population estimations, alerts and predictions for safety and security organizations, campaign targeting and analysis for marketing and many more.

We calculate and analyze the number of people located in any given area and within any given timeframe, conducts cross area analytics and smart segmentation (social, economic, place of origin, etc.), and provides congestion meters and predictive crowd behavior – without breaching personal data or violating privacy legislation.

Smart Parking

Smart Parking for Smart Cities

Novo Technologies offers a unique, innovative solution that is based on Real Time Image Processing. We use its proprietary machine-learning algorithms which process footage from cameras that are already installed or will be installed where necessary to help users find the nearest and best available parking spot. Our innovative solution requires one simple camera for up to 300 parking spots, and it is the only completely independent, fully automated working parking application in the market, which does not rely on users for crowd sourcing solutions.

We also offer a smart parking lot solution that helps businesses achieve 100% utilization of their parking lots. By using an innovative LPR system, our system recognizes the users’ license plate, directs them to a free parking spot in real time, and navigates them to back to their car.

IoT for Logistics

IoT solutions for monitoring and smart managing of logistics

IoT analytics in logistics processes enable far-reaching results and benefits for the entire logistics value chain, and have the power to create a significant impact on operational efficiency, safety and security, customer experience, and new business models.

Novo Technologies Logistics IoT solutions help clients monitor and smartly manage the status and performances of their assets, warehousing operations, freight transportation, last-mile delivery, and people in real-time.

By handling vast amounts of data and turning it into insights that drive new opportunities, we establish automated logistics processes, reduce manual interventions, and improve efficiency. Our technologies assure complete transparency and integrity control along the supply chain, including the management of inventory and products at the right place, time, quantity, condition and cost.

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