Big Data

Big Data

The increasing volume of information and the new challenges accelerated by connected people, devices and databases require innovative and constantly adjusting tools to generate tangible and actionable information to people, businesses and governments.

Novo Technologies develops innovative solutions that cope with big data challenges and shape significant improvement in people’s life quality and well-being.  By providing predictive capabilities, data visualization and real-time dashboards, data management and more, our Big Data Solutions help governments and corporations generate new value, optimize operations, enhance automated decision making capabilities, and sharpen accuracy of forecasting and planning to ensure transparent connectivity with customers and citizens.

Mass Trend Analysis

Analyzing demographic trends, population movement and crowd behavior

As the world becomes more and more interconnected, where analyzed mass knowledge and crowd behavior can provide pinpointed valuable information for private companies and government entities, the prediction and identification of crowd trends are a key measure for successful responses and qualitative insights.

Novo Technologies develops Mass Trends Analytics Platforms that enable decision makers foresee trends, predict potential results, design plans and improve their operations by using accurate reflection and visualization of reality that is based on real-time analysis of demographic trends, population movement and crowd behavior.

We offer an instant and extremely accurate population estimations and accumulative information analytics. It provides valuable and real-time insights, opening up a new vista of applications and uses such as: population estimations, alerts and predictions for safety and security organizations, campaign targeting and analysis for marketing and many more.

We calculate and analyze the number of people located in any given area and within any given timeframe, conducts cross area analytics and smart segmentation (social, economic, place of origin, etc.), and provides congestion meters and predictive crowd behavior – without breaching personal data or violating privacy legislation.


Open Source Intelligence tools that create actionable insights

Open Source Intelligence solutions provide valuable information extracted from publicly available data sources that can greatly influence and inform decisions, policies and actions. However, revealing the insights in a vast haystack of irrelevant information can be very challenging and time-consuming.

Novo Technologies offers Open Source Intelligence tools that help clients clarify the picture, clear the noise and create actionable insights to improve decision-making and performances, enable in-depth planning, accurate forecasting, constant monitoring, and prompt actions.

Demographic Trend Analysis

Enable decision makers to foresee trends and visualize reality to improve operations

Demographic trends reveal developments and changes in human population. Understanding these trends have the power to create valuable insights for decision makers, markets and businesses. Staying up to date on the latest demographic trends enables them to identify existing and emerging needs, as well as markets for products and services.

Novo Technologies offers Trend Analysis Platforms that enable decision makers foresee trends, predict potential results, design plans and improve their operations by using accurate reflection and visualization of reality that is based on real-time analysis and population movement. When combined with behavioral and attitudinal data, these demographic trends can be used as a platform to improve effectiveness by targeting consumers with the right information, service or product at the right place and at the right time.

Take Municipalities as an example;  demographic trend analysis provides real-time insights that can increase population awareness, bolster satisfaction and retention rates, and can be used for a wide range of applications, such as smart use of infrastructure and resources, city planning, hotspots mapping for safety and security purposes, citizens’ recreation habits, and more.

(Big) Data driven Economy

Getting a clear picture of where economy is headed

This century’s economic changes are extensive in volume, complexity and diversity of market and industry, and present both global risks and opportunities. Identification of economic trends – both global and local, enables all sectors to prepare for and manage those risks and opportunities in the most effective and creative manner.

Novo Technologies uses Big Data analytics to produce economic value that can be sector-specific or country-related. We monitor the trade environment, industry risks and geopolitical and social landscape to constantly analyze and forecast global economic trends that provide stakeholders with the insights needed for informed and calculated decisions and economic growth.

Transforming big data into  actionable real-time information

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